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Learn more about Inovation IT

Learn more about Inovation IT

Founded in 2007, Inovation IT Premium Outsourcing has more than a decade of presence in the market, operating in the Hunting and Specialized Allocation in Information Technology segment, standing out in providing specialized services in search of rare profiles and Hard to hire.

We have a large team of qualified R&S professionals, delivering the most efficient results, tailored to the needs of each client and allied to the latest market trends.


Inovation’s mission is to create true partnerships with its customers, privileging a relationship of trust, transparency and quality.

Our commitment is always to provide innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, contributing to effective results creation. 


We believe that seeking the well-being of human beings, making them more healthy, healthy and valued brings true changes in the society in which we live.

Before we were a big company, we were just people. People need true life purposes with growth through example, love and respect.


  • Health and Wellness;
  • Social Responsibility;
  • Sports, the fuel for life;
  • Healthy Eating and Habits;
  • Untouchable Honesty and Conduct;
  • Wishing Good to Others, Customers and Employees.

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